Advance Music Course

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Advance Music Course
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        In this course we are going to learn ‘Details of Raga singing (Recital)’. Previously we have seen Swar, types of swars, Alankar, Miscellanious types of Alankar,also the Raga and singing of Raga. We have studied the terms such as ‘vadi’, ‘samvadi’, ‘Rag Jyati’, ‘Rag-Samay’, ‘That’, Bandish, Sthai and Antara.

          In this Advanced course we are going to see the Details of Raga Singing (vocal Recital) through which the Structure of Raga gets cleared. While singing the Raga the Bandish is presented along with ‘Alap’ and ‘Taan’ these are the two important elements in Raga presentation.

          Hence in this Advanced course we are going to see Raga perforamance Raga vistar (improvisation) aalap and taan different types of tala’s.



Raga yaman

  Lesson 1 







Swar: Tivra madhyam

Vadi: Gandhar

Varja: Pancham in Aroha

That: Kalyan

Samvadi: Nishad

Jati: sampurna

Singing period: first three hours of night.

Bandish               Taal- Teen taal