SCOMST becomes Authorized Distributor of HiFiKids KLIQ Product for the region!

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YAVATMAL (April 24, 2015) ­– Sayankar Institute Of Computer Science And Technology (SCOMST), the charitable organization dedicated to preparing the next-generation workforce, is proud to announce that KLIQ product which is an educational student response system developed by HiFiKids Corporation, USA will be sold via SCOMST in the Vidharbha region of Maharashtra.




“One of the programs that SCOMST offers to the students is to prepare the students for competitive exams using KLIQ product. Each student is given a clicker in the classroom where test paper is projected on the big screen and student can choose their A or B or C or D answer using clicker for each question displayed on the big screen. Once the test is over, results are given instantly. Results are also available in their respective online account at! This allows students to practice real exam papers in advance and find out in which topic they need to focus more. It also helps students to decide whether they need to join expensive tutoring or not. This system is helping thousands of students nationwide to improve their score and help decide their future.”says Mr. Tushar Sayankar, Founder/CEO HiFiKids Corporation and also Chief Advisor of SCOMST.

“We are very excited to become Authorized Distributor of HiFiKids KLIQ product in the region which is already selling very well within Maharashtra state. We have great opportunity to work in our region and provide this product to tutoring institutes and schools within our region.” said Mr. Rahul Satav, Senior Manager of SCOMST.

KLIQ is a cloud based student response system powered by HiFiKids.

Product includes Clickers, Base station (RF receiver USB dongle), Windows based clicker software and Cloud based eLearning platform @


· 1 to 100 clickers per base station with receiver range - 30x30 meters

· Individual ID number, LED receipt confirmation and Multi-channel mode

· Light weight clickers, two AAA batteries/clicker required  (Not included)

· Radio transmission 2.4 GHz

· Certification – CE, FCC, ROHS

· Patented secure communication protocol

· Automatic shutdown and one meter falling resistance

· Integrated with cloud based eLearning platform -

· Supports online and offline mode

· Use it for schools, colleges, tutoring institutes, corporate training centers etc.

HiFiKids is unique cloud based eLearning platform that supports knowledge and information sharing amongst parents, teachers, students and schools on an interactive digital platform. This platform supports quizzing and responses are collected via multiple mediums like clickers, PCs, smart phones, Tablets and so on. Quiz also work in offline mode using clickers so that schools where internet is not stable can use our system for quizzing to prepare for any exams or learn via feedback mechanism. Based on the quiz results, individuals are suggested videos or materials to reinforce learning. It automates all the manual processes of distributing papers, collecting papers, checking papers and so on saving lot of time for the teachers and be more effective in paying attention individually based on the data collected from the quiz.

· Use KLIQ product in conjunction with smart phones and tablets. Practice quizzes on any internet enabled device with seamless transition. Organize quiz shows in the classroom and get instant feedback.

· Create customize contents/question bank with ease of use. Create multiple choice questions or photo/video/story based questions. Create and schedule quiz/test from the question bank. Associate tutorials (Video/Documents) to an individual question for feedback based learning.

· Create organization hierarchy and classes. Add students; assign tutorials and quizzes based on the classes. Host quiz competitions using clickers or smart phones/tablets simultaneously from multiple classrooms or multiple schools. Create on spot reports and custom certificates.

For more information or to buy product, please contact at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . To register on HiFiKids eLearning Platform, please visit


Sayankar Institute of Computer Science and Technology (SCOMST) is dedicated to developing next generation workforce in science, technology, engineering and math. For additional information, visit SCOMST or contact Rahul Satav at (91) 9422922212 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

About HiFiKids is an educational quizzing and eLearning platform for students, teachers, tutors, parents, and anyone else who enjoys learning and interaction. At, students can put on their thinking caps and test their knowledge with interactive quiz events on a wide variety of topics like math, language arts, science, technology, engineering, sports,music and more.'s mission is to develop a high-quality and highly efficient online educational interactive system where students of all ages, parents and teachers collaborate to learn from each other via quiz — all accessible from any mobile devices. For any inquiries, contact founder Tushar Sayankar at (224)-419-5943 or send email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .