Basic Music Course

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Indian Classical Music is classified into two broad systems.

1. Hindustani Music.

2. Carnatic Music.

Mainly we are going to learn Hindustani classical music because this system is widely popular in India as well as in the world. There are 7 Swaras (Notations ) in this system. They are as follows SA, RE, GA, MA, PA, DHA, NI The names of these Swaras are as follows.

Sa:- Shadaj,

Re:- Rishab,

Ga:- Gandhar,

Ma:- Madhyam,

Pa:- Pancham,

Dha:- Dhaivat,

Ni:- Nishad





There two types of Notation system

Pandit Bhatkhande System

Pandit Paluskar System

We are going to use Pandit. Bhatkhande Notation System.

Types of Swaras

Shuddha Swaras:- Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni These 7 Swaras are called Shuddha Swaras.

Komal Swaras:- Re, Ga, Dha, Ni, These Four Swaras are called Komal Swaras

Tivra Swaras:- Ma is the Tivra Swara.

Seven Swaras come together to form a Saptak (octave). These Saptak are of following types

Madra (Lower octave)

Madhya (Middle octave)

Taar (Upper Octave)

Notation of Shuddha Swaras:- No Symbols to these Swaras .

e.g. Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni

Notation of Komal Swaras:- Swaras are underlined

e.g. Re, Ga, Dha, Ni,

Notation of Tivra Swaras:- Straight line above the Swaras.


e.g. Ma

1. Notation Swaras according to Saptak (Octave)

Mandra Saptak: - Dot Below the Swaras e.g. Sạ, Rẹ, Gạ̣̣̣̣, Mạ

Madhya Saptak:- No symbol:- e.g. Sa, Re, Ga, Ma

Taar Saptak:- Dot above the Swaras e.g. Śa, Ŕe, Ġa, Má

2. Definations

1. Music:-

The art of singing (vocal), instrument playing and dance together is known as music.

2. Aroh:- Accending order of the Swaras is known as Aroha.

3. Avroh:- Decending order of the Swaras is known as Avroha.

4. Alankar:- The sequence of Swaras in order of Aroha and Avroha is known as Alankar

5. Swara:- Musical Sound is known as Swara.



Lesson 1


1. Aroha:-

Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni, Śa


Śa, Ni, Dha, Pa, Ma, Ga, Re, Sa


Sa-Sa, Re-Re, Ga-Ga, Ma-Ma, Pa-Pa, Dha-Dha, Ni-Ni, Śa-Śa


Śa-Śa, Ni-Ni, Dha-Dha, Pa-Pa, Ma-Ma, Ga-Ga,

Re-Re, Sa-Sa.


Sa-Sa-Sa, Re-Re-Re, Ga-Ga-Ga, Ma-Ma-Ma, Pa-Pa-Pa,

Dha-Dha-Dha, Ni-Ni-Ni, Śa-Śa-Śa


Śa-Śa-Śa, Ni-Ni-Ni, Dha-Dha-Dha, Pa-Pa-Pa, Ma-Ma-Ma,Ga-Ga-Ga, Re-Re-Re, Sa-Sa-Sa


Lesson 2

1. Aroha:-

Sa-Sa-Sa-Sa, Re-Re-Re-Re,Ga- Ga-Ga-Ga, Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma, Pa- Pa-Pa-Pa, Dha-Dha-Dha-Dha, Ni-Ni-Ni-Ni, Śa-Śa- Śa-Śa


Śa-Śa- Śa-Śa, Ni-Ni-Ni-Ni, Dha-Dha-Dha-Dha, Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa, Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma, Ga-Ga-Ga-Ga, Re-Re-Re-Re, Sa-Sa-Sa-Sa

2. Aroha:-

Sa-Re-Ga, Re-Ga-Ma, Ga-Ma-Pa, Ma-Pa-Dha, Pa-Dha-Ni,Dha- Ni- Śa


Śa -Ni-Dha, Ni-Dha-Pa,Dha-Pa-Ma, Pa-Ma-Ga, Ma-Ga-Re, Ga-Re-Sa

3. Aroha:-

Sa-Re-Ga-Ma, Re-Ga-Ma-Pa, Ga-Ma-Pa-Dha, Ma-Pa-Dha-Ni, Pa-Dha-Ni- Śa


Śa -Ni-Dha-Pa, Ni-Dha-Pa-Ma, Dha-Pa-Ma-Ga , Pa-Ma-Ga-Re, Ma-Ga-Re-Sa




Lesson 3

1. Aroha:-

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Re Ge Ma Pa Dha, Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni, Ma Pa Dha Ni Śa


Śa Ni Dha Pa Ma, ni dha pa ma ga, dha pa ma gA re, pa ma ga re sa


sa re-sa re ga, re ga-re ga ma, ga ma-ga ma pa, ma pa-ma pa dha,pa dha-pa dha ni, dha ni-dha ni Śa


Śa ni - Śa ni dha, ni dha-NI dha pa, dha pa-dha pa ma, Pa ma-pa ma ga, ma ga- ma ga re, ga re-ga re sa

3. Aroha:-

sa re-sa re ga ma, re ga-re ga ma pa, ga ma-ga ma pa dha, ma pa-ma pa dha nI, pa dha-pa dha ni Śa


Śa ni- Śa ni dha pa, ni dha-nI dHA pa ma, dha pa-dha pa ma ga, Pa ma-pa ma gA Re, ma ga- ma ga re sa



Lesson 4

1. Aroha :-

Sa re- Sa re ga ma pa, Re ga-Re ga ma pa dha, Ga ma-ga ma pa Dha ni, ma pa-ma pa Dha ni Śa


Śa ni- Śa ni Dha pa ma, ni Dha-ni Dha pa ma Ga, Dha pa-Dha pa ma Ga re, pa ma-pa ma ga re sa.

2. Aroha :-

Sa sa-sa re ga, Re re -RE Ga ma, Ga ga- ga ma pa, ma ma-ma pa Dha, pa pa-pa Dha ni, Dha dha-dha ni Śa

Avroh :-

Śa Śa-Śa ni dha, ni ni-ni dha pa, Dha dha-dha pa ma, pa pa-pa ma ga, ma ma-ma ga re, ga ga-ga re sa

3. Aroha :-

Sa sa-sa re ga ma, Re re-re ga ma pa, ga ga-ga ma pa dha, ma ma-ma pa dha ni, pa pa-pa dha ni Śa

Avroh :-

Śa Śa-Śa ni dha pa, ni ni-ni dha pa ma, dha dha-dha pa ma ga, pa pa-pa ma ga re, ma ma-ma ga re sa



Lesson 5

1. Aroha :-

Sa sa-sa re ga ma pa, re re-re ga ma pa dha, ga ga-ga ma pa

dha ni, ma ma-ma pa dha ni Śa


Śa Śa-Śa ni dha pa ma, ni ni-ni dha pa ma ga, dha dha-dha pa

ma ga re, pa pa-pa ma ga re sa

2.Aroha :-

Sa ga, re ma, ga pa,, ma dha, pa ni, dha Śa

Avroh :-

Śa dha, ni pa, dha ma, pa ga, ma re, ga sa

3. Aroha :-

Sa ma, re pa, ga dha, ma ni, pa Śa

Avroh :-

Śa pa, ni ma, dha ga, pa re, ma sa




Lesson 6


1. Aroha :-

Sa re ga-sa re ga ma, re ga ma-re ga ma pa, ga ma pa-ga ma pa dha, ma pa dha – ma pa dha ni,PA DHA NI- pa dha ni Śa

Avroh :-

Śa ni dha – Śa ni dha pa, ni dha pa – ni dha pa ma, dha pa ma – dha pa ma ga, pa ma ga – pa ma ga rE, ma ga re- ma ga re sa

2. Aroha :-

Sa re ga-sa re, re ga ma-re ga, ga ma pa-ga ma, ma pa dha-ma pa, pa dha ni-pa dha, dha ni Śa -dha ni, ni Śa Ŕe ni Śa


Śa ni dha-Śa ni, ni dha pa-ni dha, dha pa ma-dha pa, pa ma ga- pa ma, ma ga re-ma ga, ga re sa-ga re, re sa nị-re sa

3. Aroha :-

Ga re sa ga re, ma ga re ma ga, pa ma ga pa ma, dha pa ma dha pa, ni dha pa ni dha, Śa ni dha Śa ni, Ŕe Śa ni Ŕe Śa

Avroh :-

Dha ni Śa dha ni, pa dha ni pa dha , ma pa dha ma pa, ga ma pa ga ma, re ga ma re ga, sa re ga sa re, nị sa re nị sa



Lesson 7

1.Aroha :-

Sa re ga-re ga, Re Ga Ma – Ga ma, ga ma pa – ma pa, ma pa Dha pa Dha, Pa Dha ni-Dha ni, Dha ni Śa -ni Śa


Śa ni Dha-ni Dha, ni Dha pa-Dha pa, Dha pa ma-pa ma, pa ma Ga- ma Ga, ma Ga re-Ga Re, Ga re Sa-Re Sa

2.Aroha :-

Sa ga Re Sa, Re ma ga Re, ga pa ma ga, ma Dha pa ma, pa ni Dha pa, Dha Śa ni Dha, ni Ŕe Śa ni, Śa Ga ŔE Śa

Avroh :-

Śa Dha ni Śa, ni pa Dha ni, Dha ma pa Dha, Pa ga ma pa, ma RE ga ma, Ga sa re Ga, Re nị sa Re, Sa dhạ nị sa

3. Aroha :-

Sa re ga ma, sa re sa ma, Re ga ma pa, Re ga re pa, Ga ma pa Dha, Ga ma Ga Dha, ma pa Dha ni, ma pa ma ni, pa dha ni Śa, pa dha pa Śa

Avroh :-

Śa ni Dha pa, Śa ni Śa pa, ni dha pa ma, ni Dha ni ma, Dha pa ma ga, dha pa dha ga, pa ma ga re, pa ma pa re, ma ga re sa, ma ga ma sa



Lesson 8

1. Aroha :-

Sa re -re sa, re ga – ga re, ga ma-ma ga, ma pa – pa ma, pa Dha – Dha pa, Dha ni–ni Dha, ni sa – sa ni, Śa Ŕe-Ŕe Śa

Avroha :-

Śa ni – ni Śa, ni Dha-dha ni, Dha pa- pa Dha, pa ma–ma pa, ma ga – ga ma, ga re-re ga, Re sa-sa re, Sa nị-nị sa

2. Aroha :-

Sa re ga re sa, Re ga ma ga re, ga ma pa ma ga, ma pa Dha pa ma, pa Dha ni Dha pa, Dha ni Śa ni Dha, ni Śa Ŕe Śa ni, Śa Ŕe Ga Ŕe Śa

Avroha :-

Śa ni Dha ni Śa, ni Dha pa Dha ni, Dha pa ma pa Dha, pa ma ga ma pa, ma ga re GA ma , ga re sa re ga, re sa nị sa re, sa nị Dhạ nị sa

3.Aroha :-

Sa re sa, re ga re, ga ma ga, ma pa ma, pa Dha pa, Dha ni Dha, ni Śa ni, Śa Ŕe Śa

Avroha :-

Śa ni Śa, ni Dha ni, Dha pa Dha, pa ma pa, ma ga ma, ga re ga, re sa RE, sa ni sa




Lesson 9

1. Aroha :-

Sa re sa ga, re ga re ma, ga ma ga pa, ma pa ma Dha, pa Dha pa ni, Dha ni dha Śa

Avroha :-

Śa ni Śa Dha, ni Dha ni pa, Dha pa Dha Ma, Pa ma pa ga, ma ga ma re, ga re ga sa

2. Aroha :-

Sa ga sa re ga, re ma re ga ma, ga pa ga ma pa, ma Dha ma pa Dha, pa ni pa Dha ni, Dha Śa Dha ni Śa

Avroha :-

Śa Dha Śa ni Dha, ni pa ni Dha pa, Dha ma Dha pa ma, pa ga pa ma ga, ma re ma ga re, Ga sa ga re sa

3. Aroha :-

Sa re ga sa ga, re ga ma re ma, Ga ma pa ga pa, ma pa Dha ma Dha, pa Dha ni pa ni, DHA NI Śa Dha Śa

Avroha :-

Śa ni Dha Śa Dha, ni Dha pa ni pa, Dha pa ma Dha ma, pa ma ga pa ga, ma ga re ma re, ga re sa ga sa




Lesson 10

Sargam of Shuddha swaras :-

Sa Ga, Sa Ga, Sa Ga, ma Ga Re Sa,

nị re, nị re, nị re, Ga Re sa nị

Sa Ga, Sa Ga, Sa Re Ga ma pa,

ma Ga Re Sa, Ga Re Sa Nị, Sa Sa Sa

Śa Śa - Śa ni Dha pa, ni ni-ni Dha pa ma,

Dha Dha- Dha pa ma ga, pa pa- pa ma Ga Re,

Ma ma - ma ga re sa, nị re sa,

sa re ga ma pa, ma ga re sa, ga re sa nị sa sa sa